A loose coaxial connection can cause slowdowns in your speed. Sometimes the culprit of slow speed is issues with the coaxial cable and connection. Check to see if the coaxial cable is tightly fitted onto your modem/router and has a secure connection to the wall outlet. Also inspection for damages to the cable such as the cable being bent or

Internet speed noticeably slower at times | CenturyLink It's normal for your Internet connection speed to vary, but when it becomes noticeable and consistent, there could be something going on that needs to be addressed. Common things that can intermittently slow you down include: peak usage times, weather, electronic interference, viruses and malware, overworked routers, modems and/or computers. Why is my Internet connection so slow? - Windows Help Aug 31, 2016 7 Reasons Your ISP is So Slow - Internet Providers in Your

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Why is my Wi-Fi slow? How to fix a slow internet Basically, ISPs need to see your IP address to slow down your internet, and a good VPN will shield that identity -- though it comes with some downsides, which I'll discuss below. Here's how to find Slow Internet? Hidden Reasons and How to Fix Them | Reader Apr 07, 2020 What can slow down my internet speeds | Why is my internet Oct 03, 2018 Internet Speed Problems: What's Wrong with my Internet Speed?