Upload speeds recently became extremely slow, but download speeds are fine (Gen 5) As of Saturday evening (possibly earlier, but that's when I tried to livestream and my stream kept crashing), my upload speeds have been significantly less than 1 Mbps, while my download speeds appear to be normal.

Oct 18, 2018 · Why internet upload speeds are slow and download speeds are fast Most providers focus on download speed vs. upload speed because the majority of online activities need more download bandwidth than upload bandwidth. Jul 28, 2014 · My download speeds/page loads seem fine but uploading anything takes a long time, even for small, under a MB files. On Dreamweaver, a 967KB picture file takes 5 minutes to upload. About 3 to 4 minutes to get that same file synced on Dropbox. About 4 to 6 minutes to get that same file uploaded to Facebook. My upload speed is almost 0. BT said there was nothing they could do, there might me some work going on or others could be uploading a lot of content at the same time. It was fine last night but has been like this for over 5 hours today since 8:30 approx. Download speed varies between 60 - 72 Mbps. Upload speed has varied between 0.04 and 0.1 Mbps If you have slow connection speeds, it could be due to a number of issues such as network congestion, malware and more. Having a reliable internet connection is important, as you want to receive your money's worth for service. Very Slow Upload Speeds on Cisco 3850 Hello, I work at a University and for about a week now, I have noticed that the upload speeds at one of our resident halls is extremely low. When I test speeds on a laptop directly from the modem, I'm in the 250 - 350 Mbps download and 30 - 40Mbps upload speeds. When I connect the router and test speeds, my download speeds remain the same, but upload speeds are always 2.0 or 2.1.

Sometimes slow upload speeds are the fault of your Internet Service Provider. We recommend a high speed internet connection with high upload speeds. Often with Cable and DSL, the upload speed is significantly slower than the download speed. This will result in fast loading times for most websites and file downloads, but slow uploads.

Re: slow upload speeds "Depend" is a tricky word. The speed's not guaranteed, and although you MAY very well get a speed of at least 1MB, it may not always be that.

Slow upload speeds For the longest time I have had amazing service but, since I have returned home from the hospital my upload speeds have been around 30% or under what they are supposed to be. Like most people in my area I am on the 100/10 package.

Aug 15, 2019 · Xbox One X upload speed is terribly slow but upload speed is fine on every other device I just recently bought an Xbox One X after having the S for 2 years. I also changed my ISP to New Wave Communications withing a day of buying the console.