The long preamble ensure compatibility with legacy 802.11b devices but can slightly reduce throughput at high data rates. The support for short preamble which is reducing the header's size by 50%, down to 9 bytes, is optional for 802.11b. 802.11g and newer all support short preamble, so if you do not have and 802.11b devices in your network you

The provider delivers compatibility with DD-WRT-compatible routers from a range of manufacturers, including Asus, Linksys and Netgear. The provider makes downloads and setup instructions available for do-it-yourselfers, or you can take advantage of the availability of pre-configured routers . Tomato is a family of community-developed, custom firmware for consumer-grade computer networking routers and gateways powered by Broadcom chipsets.The goal of the project is to provide users with an alternative to the firmware pre-installed on their equipment by the manufacturer, providing: Jun 29, 2018 · A DD-WRT-compatible router is one of the best options when it comes to enhancing security and customization. These devices allow you the freedom of open-source technology rather than the limits on a closed router platform. Jun 29, 2011 · DD-WRT. DD-WRT is by far the most popular and widely tested of the bunch. This Linux-based firmware currently supports more than 200 different devices and is so well developed and documented, that

DD-WRT has been impressing users since its inception in 2005, and is the go-to alternative router firmware due to its longevity of existence and support of the largest array of devices. Consequently, DD-WRT can claim the largest community of users. It's the backbone of what we do here at FlashRouters.

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